Using Hypnotherapy To Overcome Anxiety

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis entails much more than just entering a trance-like state after gazing into someone’s eyes. 

You go through a process that helps you relax and refocus your attention during a hypnosis session. This is a similar state to sleep, but your mind will be more engaged, focused and able to react to suggestions. 

It is believed that when you are relaxed and comfortable, you are more inclined to focus on your subconscious mind. This enables you to delve into some of the more serious challenges that you’re facing, which is why hypnotherapy is helpful in the treatment of anxiety. 

Hypnotherapy And Anxiety

Hypnotherapy sessions can be used to:

  • Analyze suppressed memories relating to abuse and trauma.
  • Encourage healthy habits that may lead to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Assist in calming and reprograming an anxious brain. 

As a qualified and registered hypnotherapist, I will assist in guiding this process. 

Reprogramming The Subconscious

I can think of very few things more disheartening than knowing someone is not feeling like themself due to mental health struggles. Of course, some people never experience this, but approximately 20% of the world’s population will experience anxiety to the extent that it affects their lives. 

According to world-renowned hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Fayina Cohen, anxiety acts as a negative form of self-hypnosis. With a professional hypnotherapist, you can reprogram your mind with more positive beliefs.  

When you’re suffering from anxiety and panic disorder, hypnotherapy can force you to focus on dealing with particular symptoms and overcoming limiting beliefs. 

How It Works

After I guide you into a more relaxed state, I will bring your attention towards your panic attacks. 

Next, I will draw your attention towards your physical symptoms as well as the emotions and thoughts linked with those attacks. These can include chest discomfort, trembling, and dread. 

Once we have this frame of reference isolated, we will begin changing the narrative using encouraging phrases like: “You feel protected despite your discomfort” or “You have power over your anxieties.” 

Together we can instill coping strategies and sets of proven systems and solutions to help you cope. 

How Long Does It Take To Work

When it comes to outcomes, everyone’s timeline is different. Some of my patients experience significant improvements, such as increased relaxation, cheerfulness, and a sense of control after just a few sessions, while others take longer to recover. It will all be dependent on the condition of your subconscious. 

Hypnotherapy And Other Anxiety-Related Conditions

Hypnotherapy can also be used to treat agoraphobia, which is prevalent in persons with panic disorder and anxiety. Agoraphobia is the fear of experiencing panic attacks in restrictive spaces, such as crowds or when driving. 

Hypnotherapy can also be useful in treating common co-occurring disorders such as depression, migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 

Feeling Overwhelmed By Negativity?

Did you know that daily we have about 60,000 thoughts ‒ the majority of which are negative? No matter how much you consciously desire transformation, when you’re dealing with persistent negativity, you may find yourself overwhelmed. 

But this is where I can offer my service. In essence, hypnosis is a series of affirmations that encourage your brain to wander in more positive directions when you are overwhelmed by negativity. Often this means clearing out past traumas, which leads you back to the moment you experienced trauma. Here, we can process the experience together and release it from the subconscious. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and would like to explore hypnotherapy as a treatment for anxiety-related conditions, reach out, and let us begin your journey towards positive transformation today.