Understanding, Identifying & Addressing Trauma With Hypnotherapy In South Africa

What is Trauma Hypnotherapy? Understanding, Identifying & Addressing Trauma With Hypnotherapy. All humans, at some point, deal with traumatic experiences. Any experience that causes significant emotional or psychological distress qualifies as traumatic, whether physical or sexual abuse, witnessing a natural disaster, or suddenly losing a loved one.

Mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, flashbacks, insomnia, insomnia, substance abuse, and more, may develop in those who have trouble processing traumatic events or experiences.

Hypnosis, often practised as Hypnotherapy, is a state of profound relaxation and focused attention that can be used as a type of mind-body therapy for addressing and overcoming trauma.

In this article, I will help you identify and understand your trauma and demonstrate how Hypnotherapy in South Africa can help you overcome it.

Understanding Trauma – What Exactly Is Trauma?

Emotional and psychological trauma is a reaction to a traumatic incident or scenario that disrupts your feeling of security. Trauma can manifest as various physical and emotional symptoms.

Traumatic situations often include an immediate threat to one’s life or safety, but trauma may occur from anything that leaves you feeling overwhelmed or alone. Not everyone who goes through a traumatic experience develops trauma. There are also several different forms of trauma. Some individuals may have short-term symptoms, while others will experience long-term complications.

The Residual Affects Of Trauma

Although trauma is not a diagnosis in itself, it has been linked to a wide range of mental health conditions,

  • Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Reactive attachment disorder (RAD).
  • Borderline personality disorder.
  • Major depression & anxiety disorders.
  • Pervasive developmental disorders.
  • Acute stress disorder.

Identifying The Symptoms Of Trauma

While most individuals experience dread and anxiety during and soon after a distressing occurrence, each person’s emotional reaction is unique. Some individuals may heal from their trauma naturally over time, while others may continue to suffer trauma and stress-related symptoms for many years.

Symptoms can include:

  • Shock, disbelief and
  • Weakness, vertigo, and dizziness.
  • Fear.
  • Racing heart rates.
  • Sadness & grief.
  • Racing and intrusive thoughts.
  • Feelings of Helplessness.
  • Disruption of regular sleeping routine.
  • Guilt & shame.
  • Physica pain & Discomfort.
  • Anger.
  • Violent outbursts.
  • Self-harm & Substance abuse.
  • Increased or decreased appetite.
  • Behavioural conditions.

This list is by no means exclusive; each individual reacts to and processes their trauma in different ways.

Do You Want To Overcome Your Trauma And Make The Most Of Your Life?

Hypnosis is a mild, safe and effective method for treating trauma that considers each individual’s religious beliefs, cultural background, and psychological state. Hypnotherapy is the exploration of altered states of consciousness, which play a significant influence on your day-to-day functioning.

The conscious mind encompasses ideas and emotions you can readily access; however, the state of mind reached during Hypnotherapy is far deeper and targeted—focused on accessing specific thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. This includes habits, capabilities, and historical knowledge you may not know. Trauma-informed therapy aims to understand a patient’s unresolved trauma and how it relates to conditions like addiction, depression, and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy In South Africa

My name is Dr. John Souglides. I am a licensed and certified Hypnotherapist with a wealth of academic and practical experience using Hypnotherapy in South Africa and helping people like you reframe their thinking and overcome their trauma.

If you feel you may be suffering due to unresolved trauma, and you would like to explore an evidence-based hypnotherapy approach – get in touch today and let us begin your journey to becoming whole again.