The Link Between Hypnotherapy And Mental Health Conditions

Hypnosis, sometimes called hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion, is a trance-like condition in which one’s attention and concentration are greatly enhanced. Hypnotherapy is usually performed with the guidance of a qualified hypnotherapist, such as myself. It involves the use of vocal repetition and mental pictures to attain a heightened sense of relaxation and awareness. 

The use of hypnosis can support the management of undesirable behaviours and the alleviation of stress, pain, anxiety, and depression treatment, as well as a host of other mental health conditions.  While under hypnosis, you’ll be more receptive to my wisdom and suggestion while still maintaining voluntary control over your actions. 

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is effective for treating a wide range of mental health conditions, from fears and anxieties to addiction and compulsions to insomnia and chronic pain. But have you ever wondered why that is? 

Simply defined, hypnosis is when the hypnotherapist guides a person to respond subjectively to suggestions for personal change, resulting in changes in behaviour, emotion, thought or perception. However, in order to truly understand the link between hypnosis and positive transformation, we must understand the steps involved. 

Step 1: Connection

This initial stage is crucial because if it fails, the hypnotherapy itself will not function. It involves the subject and hypnotherapist forming a connection and trust between them. We will discuss your goals and challenges in order to best formulate the treatment plan that will work for you. 

I will explain the process to ensure you’re comfortable and prepared, so we can get the optimal results from your session.

In some cases, I will perform a quick suggestibility test to determine what necessary depth of trance will be required for your treatment plan to be effective. 

Step 2: Induction

There are several forms of hypnotic induction. Some take minutes, while others just take seconds. A ‘progressive induction’ (also known as a ‘progressive relaxation induction’) is the most prevalent form of induction (in both hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis). 

As the name implies, progressive hypnotic induction is a progressive, gradual process that incorporates various elements. During the induction stage, I will l converse with you and guide you towards a heightened sense of relaxation ‒ your very own hypnotic state. 

Step 3: Hypnotic State Deepening

Past the point of induction, I will begin using various types of ‘state deepeners’ to ensure you are sufficiently hypnotised and able to follow the suggestions, guidance, and wisdom I will impart. 

Regardless of how the trance was initiated, there is a required time to strengthen the hypnotic experience to a sufficient degree. Tactics include counting, intervals of quiet, visual imagery, hand rotation or automatic motions, confusional techniques, and the use of a metronome. 

Step 3: Transformation

Your subconscious is a powerful and vast place; here is where your old negative thought patterns and behaviours can begin to be unravelled and rewired. Once you’re in your hypnotic state, you are far more receptive to undertake the wisdom I have to offer. Together, we will work to instil a set of systems and solutions that will help you reach your goal. 

This way, transformation can take place authentically and from within. And this is what makes hypnotherapy such an important key to transformation and overcoming mental health conditions. 

Step 5: Ego-Strengthening

We must strengthen the ego in order to solidify the transition and secure desired outcomes that will help you overcome your stress, addictions, depression, anxiety, or any other mental health concern. 

Ego strengthening entails eliminating stress, worry, and uncertainty while restoring your confidence in your capacity to deal with your condition. 

Step 6: Release

Just before releasing the hypnotic state, I will provide post-hypnotic suggestions to prevent negative thinking and introduce the concept of self-hypnosis, sometimes utilising a recording of the session or techniques to retrieve the wisdom we uncovered in our session. 

Take Control Of Your Mental Health Today

Using the ancient art of hypnotherapy, you can achieve a balanced lifestyle through positive, healthy transformation. I can help you achieve these results with time-tested hypnosis systems and solutions. The link between your mental health and your subconscious mind offers a profound potential for effective treatment and transformation. 

It works by uncovering the answers that lie within you, by unravelling and rewiring old negative patterns, and equipping you with solutions that will improve your health and well-being for the long term. 

My name is Dr John Souglides, a registered and qualified hypnotherapist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you’re struggling with your mental health and unsure where to turn, why not take the first step with me? I offer practical solutions for anxiety, PTSD, and depression treatment, as well as various addictions and behavioural conditions. Book your appointment today.