The Art Of Hypnosis Training Course

Unlock The Secrets Of Consciousness And Prepare To Become A Fully Accredited Hypnotherapist

Training course of Hypnosis

Become the best hypnotherapist you can be by delving into speciality modules that decode hypnosis.

Master the science of suggestion as you successfully prepare to take the International exam while being guided by the certified John Souglides, who has more than 33 years of experience in body-mind-spirit education and development.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will explore the vast depths of consciousness and discover how you can activate freedom, peace, and renewal in your clients. Along the way, you will give yourself the means to transform your own mind for the better.

Perform at the highest level of hypnotherapy. Invest in this comprehensive Art Of Hypnosis Training Course today.

Help Your Clients Transform Their Suffering Into Peace

Blossom into an exceptional hypnotherapist and heal clients and patients using the power of suggestion. This comprehensive preparatory course will assist you in effortlessly passing the International exam, where after you can practice as a licensed hypnotherapy professional in your industry of choice.

This Comprehensive Course Is For You If:

You’re looking for a way to become an accredited hypnotherapist. Once you have completed this course, written the international exam

and completed the associated practical’s and assignments, you will be a certified member of the association.

You’re eager to learn from the best hypnosis training institution in South Africa so that you can operate at the highest level of hypnotherapy once you become an accredited clinician.

You’re a beginner or advanced hypnotherapist who is prepared to improve your own life with hypnotherapy principles that you’ll learn throughout the duration of the course.


What’s In The Art
of Hypnosis Training Course?

As the leading hypnotherapy training course in South Africa, this course will equip you with the means to apply hypnotherapy to an array of clinical practices. These diverse teachings will put you on the cutting edge of the science of hypnosis.

Module 1

Basic Hypnosis Part 1

Beginners and hypnotherapists looking to advance will build a foundation of understanding by learning topics like:
Module 2

Basic Hypnosis Part 2

Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions
Take your understanding of the basics of hypnosis to the next level by exploring: 
Module 3

Advanced Hypnosis Part 1

Build on your burgeoning knowledge by deep-diving into more theory and relevant practical topics such as:
Module 4

Advanced Hypnosis Part 2

Next, unlock a deeper understanding of hypnosis by learning:
Module 5

Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Discover advanced techniques to improve your hypnotherapy application, including:
Module 6

Analytical Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Part 1

In this inclusive module, you will unpack:
Module 7

Analytical Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Part 2

Round off your understanding of analytical hypnotherapy by examining:
Module 8

Medical Hypnosis Hypnoanaesthesia & Pain Management Part 1

mental health, depression, anxiety-2211184.jpg
Leverage hypnotherapy to help patients with pain management and their well-being by learning:
Module 9

Medical Hypnosis Hypnoanaesthesia & Pain Management Part 2

Uncover more ways to use hypnotherapy before or after a client’s surgery and to overcome addiction by exploring:
Module 10

Hypnoanalysis Part 1

Enable your patients to let go of past events and pain and lead a more fulfilling life by learning about:
Module 11

Hypnoanalysis Part 2

Trained Spirit Release Therapist
Demystify the secrets of self-hypnosis that you can use to achieve greater results with your patients, including:
Module 12

Hypnotherapeutic Psychology

Become proficient at using hypnotherapy to aid patients with psychological challenges, including depression and anxiety. 
Module 13

Business Essentials

Julia Avamotive
Power your hypnotherapy practice or business by unlocking must-know business skills that will help you market, administrate, and manage your organisation.
Module 14

Hypnosis & Religion

Impact of Divorce on a Child
Explore the connection between hypnosis and religion and gain deeper insight into how they are related.
Module 15

Psychosexual Issues

teenager, hoodie, hand-5842706.jpg
Learn about how hypnotherapy can be used to treat various psychosexual issues that patients may struggle with by exploring topics such as:
Module 16


Practice leveraging hypnotherapy to help patients and clients manage their post-traumatic stress disorder and become familiar with tools, activities, and techniques that you can use during sessions.

Be Mentored By A Professional Hypnotherapist

Dr John Souglides himself will guide you through this 12-week course as you journey toward understanding hypnosis and excelling at your international  exam. Benefit from learning under Dr John by gaining unique insights that he has collected over 33 years in the field. With four PhDs in Transpersonal Coaching, Holistic Life Coaching, Parapsychology, and M.A. Science, Dr John will empower you to destroy negative habits in others both locally and abroad.

Dr John Souglides

Frequently Asked Questions

For the purposes of this course, hypnosis simply refers to any method that enables direct communication between your patient’s (or your own) conscious mind and your subconscious, which is the repository of your learning and knowledge. Your inner self has complete knowledge of your likes, dislikes, and unfulfilled desires. When the mind enters a deep state of relaxation, your patient can focus their attention on specific goals with clarity and intention. Those who delve into the mysteries of the mind can expect to encounter amazing things – and you can become proficient at guiding your clients on this journey.

After completing this course over approximately 260 hours and writing the international exam, you will be required to submit ten case studies no later than three months after this course. You will also be required to complete 35 hours of classroom mentoring. A compulsory requirement for continued annual membership with international accredited association after the exam is to complete 30 hours of a continuing education unit (CEU) or a continuing education credit (CEC).

This course trains internationally accredited hypnotherapists and empowers them to make use of their skills for medical and non-medical purposes. Clinicians can use hypnotherapy to reduce fear in patients before surgery, a dental exam, or another phobia-inducing experience. Advanced techniques can be used to help patients overcome addiction, anxiety, and other unwanted feelings or habits. Healthcare professionals can also employ hypnotic techniques to enable patients to boost their own healing and immune systems, as well as manage pain.
Become An Exceptional Hypnotherapist In Just 12 Weeks!

Enjoy Hands-On Hypnosis Training That Will Set You Apart

Become An Exceptional Hypnotherapist In Just 12 Weeks!

R5300 per module

This Exhaustive Course Includes:

  • 12 Weeks Of Comprehensive Training
  • World-Class Preparation For International Exam.
  • Master, and Specialty courses and training is available for qualified hypnotherapists or those who have completed the full-time or 12 week part-time course.

Empower Your Patients To Lead A Healthier, Happier More Fulfilled Life With Hypnotherapy

Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a high-performance coach, discover how advanced hypnotherapy can boost healing and motivation in your clients – and even yourself!
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