What My Clients Have To Say

Some of my clients like to remain anonymous, here are some of their stories.

I have known Dr. John Souglides Ph.D. for a decade and have been taught by him not only in Martial Arts but also in energy work. I am currently on his 2012 & Beyond programme and have been since 2010. This programme has not only helped to reveal the truth about myself but has also cleared my perceptions and understanding of the world around us and the universe we live in.

I have felt a change in myself, though the journey of self discovery may be hard & testing at times, the commitment to yourself is worth it all. I have gained a deeper understanding in many aspects of my life and have come to understand more my purpose in this life. The programme truly is one of a kind and I would recommend it to anyone out there who is looking for answers about themselves.

With Gratitude & Thanks

I met Dr John Souglides Ph.D. in 2007 and have since become involved in his various seminars and monthly workshops. These workshops have enabled me to become more in touch with myself and have helped me to realise what it is that I really want out of life. It has helped me to grow in so many aspects and I do believe that I would not be where I am today had it not been for Dr John Souglides Ph.D. and his teachings. For those enquiring minds who wish to find out more about the universe and why you are here then I would most definitely recommend joining one of Dr Souglides’ groups. 

I have been privileged to have been a student of Dr John Souglides in the disciplines of Kung Fu and energy work / meditation for well over 10 years. Throughout my association Dr John Souglides has continually sought to bring out the best in each student for their own development. I have had the honour of being taught from beginner level through to Sifu level by one dedicated and knowledgeable teacher. In 2010 Dr John started the Beyond 2012 Programme which I have been a part of since inception. I have found this programme exceptionally helpful in self actualisation and personal development in all areas of my life. I am proud to call him my teacher, mentor and friend and would recommend this programme to all who would like to further themselves and fully realise their own unique potential.

With profound respect and thanks.

I have been fortunate and very blessed to have found a mentor and spiritual teacher at a time in my life when all my children have grown and I have needed to connect and get to know myself again. Through the teachings of Dr. John Souglides (his numerous workshops and his Beyond 2012 programme), I have learned what to let go of, what to work on, and, most importantly, to love. Dr John is an inspirational teacher and healer and I feel truly blessed to journey into 2012 and beyond with him as my guide.

With much gratitude.

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr John Souglides for a number of years. I have also attended a number of his courses and for the last four years I have attended his healing sessions monthly. Currently I am on Dr. Souglides’s “Beyond 2012 programme”. This programme is taking me a step further, in that the techniques I have been taught are allowing me to advance spiritually. I have also experienced momentous healing, as well as improvement in all aspects of my life. Dr Souglides has touched, not only myself, but the people I surround myself with. I will forever be indebted to Dr Souglides and his spiritual knowledge.

God Bless and Thank you Dr Souglides.

Dr John Souglides has been an influential aid in my personal well being. Being very involved and interested in spiritual growth, influences and healing since my early twenties, led me to different therapists that work on a spiritual level. Dr John Souglides provided more for me in a few months than any other therapist has provided for me in over a decade of seeing them.

Dr John Souglides knows exactly what I need to move forward in my life and to grow spiritually, and has the ability to guide me in optimal directions for personal growth. He is gentle with me, yet this gets better results than any of the “harsh” advice given to me. Instead of saying “Live with your choices”, he says “You have the power to change your life”.

Dr John Souglides enabled huge positive life changes in me and the confidence to carry them out in only a couple of sessions. I managed to leave a job that was destroying me without being afraid and since then have received a better job offer that is exactly suited to what I want, require and need at this point in my life. I would never had had the courage or trust in myself and my angels to leave this poisonous job and find peace and happiness in another job, had it not been for Dr John Souglides.

I managed to move my child from a school unsuited for her due to Dr John Souglides’ advice, healing and empowerment. My child is now thriving, advancing optimally and is so much happier. These were difficult life choices, needing much confidence, trust in myself and faith. I easily found these attributes after one session of discussing these issues, or issues related to and influencing these issues with Dr John Souglides.

Dr John Souglides empowered me to find answers within myself and to be able to make the right choices for me. A sense of peace and contentment in my life and “things falling into place” have followed Dr John Souglides’ work with me. My personal and spiritual growth has expanded hugely. His connection to my needs leaves me feeling fulfilled after each session, with exactly what I need at that point being addressed. I feel empowered to take the reins of my own life and change the negatives, a part of me is healed and feel peaceful and like I can cope with my life issues and focus on the positives. 

I have over the years, been fortunate to attend many of John Souglides Ph.D. workshops. During each workshop he would do an energy healing on a specific aspect of your body, mind or spirit. The results varied but I always went home somehow feeling lighter, or my mind sharper, thinking clearer or an ache or pain that had persisted for a while would stop and disappear and very at peace with the world. You have shed light on so many different issues over the year, thank you and take care. 

Throughout the years of training and learning from Si-Jo John Souglides Ph.D. I have always felt my life’s been going in the right direction. Attending the workshops reaffirmed this for me, giving me the tools and the knowledge to get through some chaotic and stressful times in recent years. I have come away from these workshops grounded with a heightened sense of peace and calm with myself and surroundings. More importantly I have come away from these workshops with a real sense and understanding of self-love, something very foreign to me before these workshops. 

Thank you.

I recall John, as one of those gifted individuals, that one only has the fortune of working with two or three times in a lifetime. John is an expert judge of character, and he has endeavored to be tireless in his dedication to his students, and also to his responsibilities within his many areas of expertise. John remains a surprisingly humble friend, and will always be a highly respected person within our community.


Hi John I have not had a session with you since 2016 but as I have been reflecting on my life over the last while, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting me transition from a space of sadness, self doubt, guilt, indecisiveness and anxiety to a space of positive thinking, contentment, self acceptance and confidence and gratefulness. The work you did with me opened my eyes and sense of awareness to so many unknowns and you facilitated the breaking of bonds which were holding me back. As I reflect on where I was a year ago and where I am now emotionally, the shift is awesome.

Thank you.