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Spirit Release Treatment

What Is Spirit Possession?

Make no mistake, spirit possession is very much real. It is a full or partial assault by a discarnate being (who may or may not have ever experienced a physical life) on a living, breathing human. Spirit depossession is the process of releasing any entities that may be attached to or residing within a living person. There are various ways of doing so, both remotely and in person, with or without the conscious knowledge of the person being worked on. Entities and negative energies are classified by various degrees of influence that they can have on a person, from light to extreme. These can be described from a gentle – mild or overwhelming energy drain to (the rare) almost total possession.

What Is A Spirit Attachment?

Spirit attachment, spirit possession or entity attachment all refer to the same thing: an entity or spirit attaching itself to a human being. The entity in question is parasitic, causing disorders and illnesses that are biologically illogical for the host. Physical, mental or emotional upsets, as well as stress, can leave you completely vulnerable to such unwelcome energies that attach at a subtle vibrational level. These energies can then go on to influence your health, personality and, in some cases, even your behaviour. 

What Is Spirit Release Therapy?

Spirit Release Therapy is a process for releasing attachments from living people. This is done through various methods, some requiring more work than others. Spirit release is not the same as an exorcism ‒ it is non-confrontational. Transformation is achieved through negotiation with the entity. Hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, mental health professionals and sometimes energy healers can all practise effective spirit release therapy. Many people find spirit release therapy effective where other therapies have failed.

Tapping into someone’s energy field takes a lot of skill and is best conducted by a professional, knowledgeable practitioner. As a hypnotherapist, I offer my skill, understanding, knowledge and wisdom when conducting a spirit release. You’re in safe hands — I am both trained and well experienced in releasing negative attachments that may have prevented someone from moving forward with a positive and healthy life. Let’s transform your life and set you free from the influence of these negative attachments so you can take back control over yourself and your life. Rest assured, with therapy, the entities are transformed, so they are unable to return to you. 

What Is Spirit Depossession / Exorcism?

The releasement / depossession / exorcism process transforms darkness into the golden light and releases entities, spirits and other energies into their appropriate place in the Divine Light for their own evolution of ascension. By invoking the power of love, the entities are guided on their path to evolution and can experience love en route to their ascension. Once transformed, they cannot ever go back to their old ways. 

Hypnotherapy Could Change Your Life As You Know It

Accepting new, positive ideas, insights and healthy behaviours is possible with hypnotherapy. When used to access your subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can be used to reduce feelings of anxiety, break bad habits and increase your productivity. Take control and live the life of your dreams.

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