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Sex Therapy

What Is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy involves a sex therapist, holistic sex coach, a trained health professional, helping people deal with any difficulties they may be experiencing pertaining to sex. These professionals have often done extensive research and/or obtained certifications to assist with sexual dysfunction and understand how to help individuals faced with sexual problems. 

Who Needs Sex Therapy?

It can be challenging to change our deep-seated outdated or negative beliefs because they form the default setting we use to cope with difficult situations, and we’re emotionally attached to them. I work with individuals and couples who want to explore love, intimacy, sex, and dysfunction to re-connect with each other and restore a balance for a more fulfilling sexual vision. Those facing sexual problems could benefit from sex therapy or sex enhancement in Johannesburg.

How Sex Therapy / Sex Enhancement Can Help

During sessions with me, we will work together to identify and explore any thoughts, feelings or behaviours and help you begin talking openly about your sexuality and sexual identity. Finding new ways to identify the problems you’re experiencing and giving you a safe space to be curious and explore your sexuality, we will use effective techniques and tools to help you with the real causes of your sexual problems. As one of the top sex therapists in Sandton, I help you by uncovering and dissolving subconscious mental blocks to frame new neural pathways leading to a profound transformation in sexuality, relationships, and self-love. 

To help you, I use a range of techniques and tools during our sessions. These techniques include:

What Is A Life Coach?

Most importantly, our sessions give you a confidential space for you to explore and understand your own blueprint for relationships, love, and sex.

Pride Therapy

Pride therapy provides a safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Different dynamics, behaviours, and beliefs shape, develop, and maintain our intimate relationships, many of which are formed at an early age and remain unchanged as we move forward into adulthood. We are wired for love, sex, and relationships. Our deeply-held beliefs can often lead to negative issues and behaviours regarding love, sex, and pleasure because of outdated ideologies. An individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity may not always be the cause of their distress. People who identify as gay, transgender, bisexual, curious or other non-conforming sexual or gender identities often suffer from stress and anxiety due to social stigma. During pride therapy sessions, you can confront those feelings that are impacting your mental health so that you can be at peace with yourself and your identity. 

Hypnotherapy Will Change Your Life For The Better

Hypnotherapy can be used to access the unconscious mind, allowing you to accept new ideas, behaviours and insights while increasing your productivity, reducing anxiety and/or breaking bad habits. No matter the struggles you’re facing, you can use hypnotherapy as a step towards living the life of your dreams.

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