Souglides Psychic Energy Surgery Course

Master the Authentic Self & Help Others Transcend Pain and Illness

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Physical pain in the human body originates from various sources, one of which is low vibrational energy rooted in a negative mental, spiritual and emotional state. Dr John Souglides Ph.D.calls this dis-ease. With the Souglides Psychic Energy Surgery Course, you can help people suffering from chronic pain and illness find much-needed relief.

Blockages within the chakras can build up as ‘clumps’ in the areas of mind-body-spirit manifesting as low vitality, illness, pain and even slowing down the healing process. Past trauma can manifest later in life, impacting physical organs as well as the auric field that surrounds the body. A person can experience energy blockages from present circumstances

Inheriting past issues from the generational line occurs when there is a weakness in the past energetic lines affecting the present time. This requires psychic energetic surgery for the harmful ‘clumps’ of energy to be removed and bring the affected person from dis-ease to ease.

Souglides Psychic Energy Surgery © differs from medical surgery in that it removes physical manifestations of spiritual problems with the bare hands. Dr John Souglides, Ph.D, can show you how to master this energy modality, backed by over 35 years of research and practice. He has a deep understanding and experience working with the Souglides Higher Conscious Psychic Energy Surgery Tools ©. Complete all nine modules and help people access the inherent Divine Self for the purpose of internal and external healing.

Become an Expert in Energy Modality for Non-Invasive Healing

With so many people afflicted by pain, you can make a positive difference in their lives with this life-changing Psychic Energy Surgery Course. Psychic energy surgery is a method of healing that has been helping people for centuries. Start this course with an open mind, and you can free the flow of a vibrant life force in both you and your patients.

Skills and Abilities You Will Achieve
on Completing This Course:


Gain an inner seeing, which is the most well-known yet least understood intuitive gifts on our list of psychic abilities.

Association exam and completed the associated practicals and assignments, you will be a certified member of the association.


Learn to receive intuitive messages via feelings, emotions, or physical sensations.


In addition to ‘inner seeing’, you will find your ‘inner knowing’ – the ability to just know something without logic or facts.

Divine Tools

Acquire knowledge and experience in working with basic to advanced tools specific to the Psychic Energy Surgery Course.

Self Realisation

Become proficient in acknowledging the Master Self, God Self and Authentic Self within.


Discover your inherent skills, abilities, power, strengths and wisdom for healing.

Divine Keys

Work with your God-given gifts, abilities, skills and unique keys to your health, wealth and prosperity.


Mastery is within; awaken your inner self on your path of self-discovery as a master being within the universe.

Accepting the Universe as your Oyster

Reveal your newly found realisations through various higher conscious initiations (conducted in class or remotely).

Intuition & Vision

Gain enhanced sensory vision (various degrees of higher conscious vision), intuitive vision, ESP, telepathic skills, and inter-dimensional and parallel universe understanding.

Protection and Cleansing

Understand your level of proficiency and develop mastery skills.


Hone the ability to see through the veils, understand truth, and clear away illusions.

Connect Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit

Learn to be at one with your truth and inter-dimensional higher aspects of energy.

Positive Life Changes

Make the difference for yourself in your life and for the greater good.

How To Tell If The Psychic Energy Surgery Course Is For You


What To Expect From This Psychic
Energy Surgery Course

Souglides Psychic Energy Surgery has been taught since the 90s. During this course, you will not only learn a new skill but also become more medically intuitive and expand your consciousness. Learn how to help speed up the healing process in patients recovering from surgery or injury, help clients overcome chronic pain, and safely remove negative energy in patients to promote recovery from physical manifestations such as tumours. The course ranges from novice to mastery and consists of theory, presentations, exercises, practical projects, and a final exam. These modules are recognised and will give you credit for various international associations and affiliation with other courses you may wish to apply for.
Module 1

Discovering the Self

Beginners to energy work will discover the spiritual self with an introduction to the following:
Module 2

Authentic Resonance

Delve deeper into finding authentic resonance and reconnecting with inner truth.
Module 3

Exploring Healing

Learn various healing activations to bring your patients closer to well-being.
Module 4

Living with Ease, Not Dis-ease

Unlock priceless tools to liberate your clients from dis-ease to living their best life.

Module 5

Releasing What Doesn’t Belong

Explore breathing, aura work, and more to bring joy and vitality to those under your care as a psychic energy practitioner.
Module 6

Staying Centred

Elevate your learning to the next level as we delve deeper into understanding energy centres and healing with crystals.
Module 7

From Bad to Better

Fine-tune your training with these value-added details, from ethics to handling the paranormal:
Module 8

Psychic Energy At Work

Put your advanced knowledge into practice with these guided topics:
Module 9

Energy is All Around Us

Conclude your study with a holistic look at energy in its natural state and learn how to perform psychic energy surgery remotely.

Enlightenment. Expertise. Professionalism

The Psychic Energy Surgery Course is a speciality course designed and led by Dr John Souglides Ph.D., who has decades of experience with various energy systems in addition to four PhDs in Transpersonal Coaching, Holistic Life Coaching, Parapsychology, and M.A. Science. He designed Souglides Psychic Energy Surgery © so each person experiencing dis-ease can return to the true authentic resonance of healthy body, mind and spirit because he believes everyone has the ability to connect to their inherent wisdom.

Dr John Souglides

Frequently Asked Questions

Souglides Psychic Energy Surgery is an alternative therapy modality that removes negative
energy or ‘energetic plasma’ from the human body and aura using non-invasive methods to
restore health. It is based on the philosophy that energy blocks within the chakras impact
physical organs, and everyone has the ability to access the authentic self for the purpose of

No. This Psychic Energy Surgery Course is designed to be complementary to all other
modalities. Patients are welcome to consult with their doctors if they feel the need to do so.

Your level of learning depends on your willingness to receive wisdom in this field. The nine
modules can be done full-time or on weekends. You will be required to learn theory, perform
practical exercises, complete projects, and a final exam.

Perform Psychic Energy Surgery In Just Four Weekends!

One-On-One Training with Dr John Souglides, Ph.D, An Expert in All Energy Modalities

You’re Only Four Weekends Away From Mastering Authentic Healing


What you get with the Souglides Psychic Energy Surgery Course:

  • 4 Weekends of theoretical and practical training
  • A unique ability to remove energetic chaos and restore wellbeing
  • Increase your vibration, experience the 5D activations and working with it

Guide Your Patients Towards a Pain-free, Energised Life With the Safest Form of Surgery

Unlock your potential to alleviate suffering in your patients by simply accessing the wisdom and energy connections inherent to us all!

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