Preparing For Past Life Regression Therapy

Do you think souls live forever? Reincarnation is a widely accepted belief system both in Eastern and Western societies. Pre-Socratic thinkers in the West theorised that the soul survives physical death and can be reincarnated into a new body. Vedic literature practitioners in the East, including the Buddha, contemplated the possibility of a rebirth of the soul or subconscious mind through reincarnation.

However, the existence of past lives indicates the presence of past life achievements, experiences, challenges and traumas ‒ all of which may be impacting your current life.

Are you looking to undertake therapy for past life regression in Johannesburg? Unsure if this therapy module is right for you? Are you still among the many sceptics? Or have you opened your mind to the possibility that this therapy might help you excel in your current lifetime? 

Whatever your situation is, if you have questions about past life regression in Johannesburg, you’ve come to the right place.


What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?


Past life regression is a therapy module for recalling and analysing past lives. Today, many  psychologists and psychiatrists who practise past life regression believe that mental health conditions, including migraines, skin diseases, and phobias, might be rooted in the patient’s inability to deal with concerns from a previous life.

Hypnotherapy uses the art of hypnosis to unlock the holistic practice of past life regression therapy to retrieve long-forgotten memories. In this treatment, the patient is taken back to their prenatal past. It’s used to address difficulties that keep showing up in one’s daily life. Past life regression therapy aims to help patients become more self-aware by exploring their subconscious and other non-conscious cognitive regions.


What Can Be Achieved With Past Life Regression Therapy?


Healing on all levels, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, may be accomplished using the past life regression therapy module. This is achieved by:

  • Awakening long-forgotten memories and experiences.
  • Understanding the reasons why individuals have emotional ties to certain locations and people.
  • Understanding the root causes of previously unexplained medical conditions.
  • Awakening to and delighting in life’s spiritual dimension.


What To Expect From Your Sessions


First, I will ask my clients to create a list of everything that needs to be addressed. It might be anything like an unacknowledged fear, hurt, or difficulties within a relationship. In some cases, a patient will approach me to help discover their life’s deeper meaning and purpose.

Sometimes humans have unseen energy tied to us, creating difficulties in our lives. These energies can stem from unresolved traumas in a previous life. It can also stem from a lack of closure from a lost loved one or a long-lost relative identifying with energies still present in the world today.

The first goal for our past life regression sessions will be to clear these energies so that healing and understanding can begin. In a normal session, the client lies down and uses breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to help them into a contemplative, meditative state, known as the state of hypnosis. Here the objective is to guide you through exploring past lives for lessons that can be applied to the present.


What Can You Do To Fully Benefit From Your Session?


To fully benefit from the session, set aside some time for reflection and self-analysis before and after it begins. This is another way to get the most out of your session.

Believe in your brain’s own power to make connections. As a society, we have been indoctrinated to doubt our own innate wisdom and to place more value on the opinions of so-called “experts” on the world around us. Use your creative energy to access your subconscious and superconscious thoughts. Believe in it. 

Creativity, like everything else, needs to have its origins. Rather than worrying about whether or not something is a product of your imagination, ask yourself to contemplate where your unique creative and authentic thought processes originate.

In these sessions, we will do more than just creative visualisation. You’ve probably had these patterns and symbols in your subconscious mind your entire life. Once we uncover them, some previously unreachable memories will be accessible for analysis by the conscious mind. 


What Happens Beyond A Past Life Regression Therapy Session?


Once we have successfully resurfaced those thoughts and feelings, they can be processed further. You’ll learn something new and recognise a pattern of behaviour both during and after the trance phase of the session.


Forgiveness is likely to be a theme that you explore, both in terms of forgiving others and forgiving yourself for traumas, real and imagined. From here, you have the option to make conscious efforts toward bringing about desired changes. You’ll leave the session feeling empowered and supported by your newfound information, understanding, insight, skills, and strength.


Ready To Unlock Answers From The Past Buried Deep Within Your Subconscious Mind?


As a qualified hypnotherapist and life coach, I have come to realise that there is indeed more to this world than what meets the eye. The subconscious mind is a brilliant, fascinating and endless landscape that exists in a very small space. Our subconscious is the very essence of our being, where we house our beliefs, memories, aspirations and ideas. It is an energy that has moved through many forms throughout many different lifetimes. 


Are there patterns, behaviours, challenges or answers buried within your subconscious mind that can be traced back to a lifetime, life form or life experience beyond this one? With past life regression in Johannesburg, we can find out together. Get in touch today to book your session.