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Past Life Regression

What Is Past Life / Past Event Regression Therapy?

Past life / past event regression therapy seeks to resolve significant past events believed to be interfering with your mental and emotional health in the present. The mind is uniquely prepared to experience the continuity of time. It’s true that we should always try to live in the here and now, but still, we all wander into the past or future. Your memories and imagination are more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Even those who remember every detail of their lives can’t necessarily remember how those details affected them on a deeper level, but the mind automatically filters out certain experiences from normal memory. 

How Does Regression Hypnotherapy Work?

Regression hypnotherapy allows you to look deeper into conflict and other potentially negative aspects of your life to identify the cause of negative emotions and address them in a more coherent way.

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During our sessions, we will access and recover memories of both the present and past lives and/or incarnations of your past lives. With hypnosis, we will access your subconscious mind to retrieve information that could be valuable for your self-worth as well as understanding where a limitation exists. It can take you on a spiritual journey towards eliminating problems in your mind that keep you from enjoying a happy, fulfilling life. 

In the hands of a skilled hypnotherapist, hypnosis and regression therapy can help remove blockages and start you on a path towards healing and ending your suffering. The process can vary in length, as it depends on several factors. Diving beneath the surface to uncover the truth could take considerable time and effort to achieve results. Regression hypnotherapy can help anyone with any of the following experiences:

Does Hypnosis For Pain Control Really Work?

According to the American Psychological Association, Hypno-analgesia may reduce acute and chronic pain for most individuals and may save them from having to undergo painful and invasive surgical procedures. The use of hypnosis as an analgesic has been successful in a number of interventions in many clinics, hospitals, burn care centres and dental offices and effective in various medical and psychological. Pain relief is one of the most researched areas when it comes to hypnotherapy, as seen in a 2000 study. Hypnosis affects the psychological aspects of pain, which may then lead to a reduction in even severe forms of pain.

Who Can Benefit From Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression therapy can help so many people. For example, people with chronic health issues that seemingly have no origin or people with phobias they can’t explain. If you feel you’re down on your luck or can’t decide what to do with your life, taking a deeper look may be what you need. Past life regression therapy is not always about revealing past traumas. Sometimes you’re given a glimpse into a joyful past life, which can be inspirational and help you remember how to press forward living a good, happy life in the present.

Change Your Life With Hypnotherapy

With hypnotherapy accessing your subconscious mind, you are more able to accept new and positive ideas, insights, and behaviours. You can harness the power of hypnotherapy to break bad habits, reduce feelings of anxiety and even increase your productivity. 

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