Overcoming The Fear of Flying With Hypnotherapy

Statistics show that fear of flying is one of the safest forms of travel. Many people will happily fly, safe in the knowledge that the odds of being in an accident are estimated to be 1 in 1,2 million, and the chances of the accident being fatal are 1 in 11 million.

Phobia therapists will tell you that for a surprisingly large percentage of the population (estimates range from 30 to 40%), flying can be a traumatic experience due to their often “unfounded” fears. Just the thought of flying can produce massive anxiety, making air travel a daunting prospect.

In this blog, we will investigate why the fear of flying is so common and how an experienced therapist can use hypnotherapy in South Africa to help you to overcome it.

Why Is The Fear Of Flying So Common?

Aerophobia is described as an extreme fear of flying or some aspect associated with flying. For example, some people are highly anxious only for the takeoff or landing part of the flight.

The fear of flying can originate from various root causes, the most common being:

  • Past trauma: Previous unfavourable encounters while flying, including events such as severe turbulence, an emergency during a flight or witnessing a plane crash.
  • Associated fears: Other fears like the fear of heights, claustrophobia, agoraphobia (fear of leaving home) and mysophobia (fear of germs) 
  • News stories and social media: Hype around terrorism, crashes and other forms of violence associated with aeroplanes.
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Lack of control 

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

During phobia hypnotherapy, your therapist will direct you into a deep relaxing state, where your conscious mind can take a step back and your subconscious mind can be accessed to find, analyse, and release some of your deepest fears.

By exploring these recurring fear themes, you can establish the root causes of negative behaviour patterns, emotions, and fears that prevent you from moving forward in your life. Or in the case of flying, making it very difficult for you to attend work, family or leisure activities that are far away. 

This alternative therapy provides the opportunity to reframe negative thoughts, understand emotional triggers, and experience holistic healing at a subconscious level, which will have a positive spin-off in your conscious life.

If your fear of flying is holding you back from experiencing your life to the fullest, please make an appointment today to see our qualified and experienced phobia therapist, Dr John Souglides. Through hypnotherapy sessions, you will develop practical coping strategies that will give you the power to live the life of your dreams.