Overcoming Spirit Attachments With The Help Of A Trained Spirit Release Therapist

Millions depart from this plain of existence every day. This is what we have come to call death, which for most spirits, is a welcome escape from the stresses and confines of earthly existence. A spirit release therapist receives thousands of messages from the departed that testify to a feeling of contentment, freedom and a chance to reunite with friends and family members as well as beloved pets. However, when the deceased’s mental condition at the time of death makes it difficult for them to be guided through to the next life, their energies stay attached to this realm.

Many medical professionals are unaware of spirit attachment, and its symptoms might resemble those of other conditions. Because of this, spirit attachment is often misunderstood. In certain cases, the symptoms of an underlying condition are made worse by the presence of an attachment, which can result in long recovery times or slow response to treatment.

In this article, we explore the nuances of spirit attachment and spirit release therapy.

What Are Spirit Attachments?

Various energies can be picked up over time, and these can inhibit progress. Therefore, it is often very beneficial for the mind, body, soul and emotional well-being to have them removed. 

These energies manifest as in the living and can be experienced as:

  • Psychic assaults
  • Encounters with disembodied beings
  • Anxiety, depression or physical problems without any apparent cause
  • Traumatic energies
  • Memory disturbance and poor concentration
  • Unprocessed historical energies or thought formations
  • Intrusive energies
  • Nightmares
  • Generational curses
  • Inability to progress or move forward in life

What Makes Certain People More Susceptible To Spirit Attachments?

These lingering energies and spirits appear drawn to some people. Susceptibility to spirit attachment can vary from person to person depending on their predisposition, health, and life circumstances. People with high-frequency auras are supposedly immune to lower-frequency energies. 

Levels of psychic sensitivity vary from person to person, which also impacts susceptibility to spirit attachment. These often appear in the form of visual and auditory hallucinations or strong compulsions, or intrusive thoughts. Multiple personalities, characterized by identity shifts and gaps in recollection, are far less common when it comes to spirit attachment. 

Most spirits with attachments lack the ability to make decisions. Fugue states and the “blackouts” experienced by alcoholics are examples of states in which the host’s environmental awareness and control of bodily movement are temporarily displaced, although only for a short time. Resistance may be weakened by a number of factors, including:

  • Illness & injury
  • Drug & alcohol use
  • Mental & emotional distress

What Is Spirit Release Therapy?

Spirit release is not a kind of exorcism; practitioners of exorcism often have significantly different worldviews from that of a spirit release therapist due to the religious and ceremonial nature of the practice. Spirit release is a peaceful and non-confrontational resolution to the problem.  

With spirit release therapy, both negative and positive energies are identified, called forth and negotiated with. Positive spirits and energies that offer wisdom and inspiration are kept and brought to the front of the body’s energy field. Internal and external negative energies, and attachments which are inhibiting progress, are cleared or removed.

Benefits Of Spirit Release Therapy

Many people who practice spirit release therapy also have training in other therapeutic modalities, such as psychiatry, psychotherapy, hypnosis, energy healing, and others. It’s a spiritual treatment method that often contrasts with the standard medical methodology for dealing with mental and physical disorders.

The benefits of spirit release therapy include: 

  • Mental clarity restored
  • Negative habits, thought patterns and behaviours are overcome
  • A shift in outlook leading to greater prosperity
  • Doubts and disillusions are dissolved
  • Generational curses are broken
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved health and increased response to medical treatments
  • A sense of relief and restoration
  • A newfound sense of purpose and ambition
  • Improved emotional, mental and spiritual well-being

Not all spirits and energies are negative; some of these attachments can offer wisdom, inspiration and direction. In your sessions, you will gain a deeper acceptance and understanding on how to identify and manage these energies for positive outcomes. With this understanding, you will better learn to identify and strengthen yourself against negative energies and attachments.

Looking To Identify, Enhance, Clear Or Remove The Energies In Your Bodies Natural Energy Field?

Reading someone’s energy field requires a high level of expertise and is best performed by a trained specialist. My name is Dr John Souglides, qualified and trained hypnotherapist and spirit release therapist. 

When I facilitate a spirit release, I offer all of my expertise to help you let go of anything holding you back from living a happy, healthy life. Let’s help you make some positive changes and break free of any destructive habits or relationships so that you may reclaim your life. You may have peace of mind knowing that the spirit release therapist will be able to transform these energies so they no longer have any power over you.