Insight Into Hypnotherapy: What To Expect During Your Sessions

Perhaps you have been researching the benefits of hypnotherapy sessions, and your research has led you here. Perhaps you have booked your first hypnotherapy South Africa session and want to know what to expect.

Hypnotherapy is often used to treat conditions such as depression, addiction, or chronic pain. Conditions not to be taken lightly; conditions that cause a lot of discomforts and upset. You might be concerned that hypnotherapy treatment is going to be drastic.

I am here to put your mind at ease and deliver insight into hypnotherapy, what to expect, and how it might feel.

But first… What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a technique that uses hypnosis to treat particular symptoms or conditions. The workings of hypnotherapy sessions allow for the induction of a hypnotic, trance-like state, which is defined as awakened awareness.

Once the body achieves a high level of relaxation, the mind experiences a detachment from the exterior world and turns all focus towards its inner experiences. Once in this trance-like state of heightened awareness and relaxation, your brain becomes more receptive to suggestion and wisdom; it’s here where we can begin rewiring old patterns of thinking.

At The Beginning Of The Session

Here’s the key with hypnotherapy: You, the client, are the one who is in control. My responsibility as a hypnotherapist is to serve as your guide. You get to choose where we go. My only responsibility is to get you there.

We begin our hypnotherapy sessions by talking, of course. This is where my abilities and knowledge are put to the test. I must remain observant, inquisitive, ask the right questions, use as little jargon as possible and think on my feet to build the right picture of how we should tailor your treatments.


I use a variety of techniques for induction. Which one is selected depends entirely on your input at the beginning of the session; people are unique and absorb information in different ways. This is why I spend the early parts of our session understanding what kinds of stimuli and language are ideal for me to apply with you.

Some inductions happen quite quickly. Others may take around 15 to 20 minutes. Everything in the session, once again, is driven by your unique set of requirements.

After the first induction, I use a few brief tests to establish how deep your state of awakened awareness is. In some circumstances, I will use techniques that enable the client to achieve a deeper state of trance if necessary.

During Hypnosis

After induction, my job is to be your tour guide through a journey inside your subconscious mind. Here is where we can begin implementing the changes and goals outlined at the beginning of the session.

With your consent, I will provide a post-hypnotic suggestion (PHS) as a trigger to give you a tool to utilise after you leave. These triggers are regularly used to help clients raise their degree of relaxation or confidence.

As The Session Concludes

The session concludes by slowly bringing you out of your trance. This is a slow and methodical procedure. I’m paying careful attention to you to determine whether you need any more assistance throughout this process.

Many of my clients wish to stay within their hypnosis because it is so peaceful and enjoyable there. But once you’re awake, I’m there to greet you, check in with you, and answer any questions you may have.

How Does It Feel?

Most people will merely feel like they’re sitting in a chair with their eyes closed. They may report feeling a sensation of heaviness. I often hear clients say they leave with an immense feeling of relaxation, something very similar to a meditative state.

For the most part, a hypnotherapy session is incredibly relaxing, even if you don’t arrive with the intent of relaxation, as hypnosis and induction are established through intense concentration or guided relaxation.

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As you can see, hypnotherapy differs from stage hypnotism, which is usually performed in front of a live audience by a trained entertainer and performer. The most important takeaway is for you to remember that you are completely aware and in control the whole time.

I just guide you to a completely natural trance-like state, something similar when you are daydreaming, reading a book or falling asleep, where you will be more receptive to my advice and suggestion. 

It’s difficult to say how many sessions it will take as everyone is unique, and therefore treatment programs will be too, but it is definitely advisable to return for a few sessions. As you can imagine, years of negative thought patterns and behaviours can’t be unravelled overnight.

To begin implementing the positive changes you want to achieve in your life ‒ now that you understand a bit more about hypnotherapy, what to expect and how it might feel, contact us to book your first session today.