How Hypnotherapy Can Uncover Memories

Thanks to many movies and TV shows on this topic, many people believe that past life regression in Johannesburg only has to do with finding out that your former incarnations can impact your current life. While this is true, working with a hypnotherapist can also help you to access and recover memories from your present life.

Why is this important, you may be wondering? This blog will explore the importance and impact of blocked memories and unresolved issues and how they can influence your life. 

Early Memories Impact Your Current Life

Early childhood experiences are responsible for laying the foundation for our future emotional responses, beliefs, values and coping mechanisms. This foundation is solid for many people and provides them with the tools to navigate life successfully. But this is not true for everyone. 

Past traumas, unresolved emotions, unexplained fears and limiting beliefs directly impact current behavioural patterns and the inability to deal with daily life with ease. They can even manifest as illnesses or ailments that have no medical explanation.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Uncover & Resolve These Memories?

During a regression therapy session, the hypnotherapist will guide you into a relaxed and focused state of mind. In this mode, your subconscious mind can come to the fore, making it easier to access memories and emotions. Your therapist will facilitate this journey and help you discover memories, emotions and past traumas that are now causing challenges in your life.

In this safe and secure space, you can confront and release these past memories, freeing up the energy you have been using to keep them repressed. This process sets you on a path to better understanding and acceptance of self, healing and peace.

It is important to note that this process takes time to complete. Multiple factors will influence how your regression therapy sessions unfold, and it can take time and sometimes emotional discomfort to achieve the results that you are looking for. However, it is a potent therapy, and well worth the effort.

Are you ready to get rid of those blocked memories and move forward in your life in a healthy way? Please make an appointment today to find out how Dr Souglides can help you with past life regression therapy and more.