Conquering Phobias: The Hypnotherapy Approach

Did you know that fear is your body’s natural response to perceived threats and is designed to keep us safe by eliciting various reactions, such as the fight or flight response? Sometimes, fear becomes irrational and excessive when an individual is faced with a specific object, situation, or location. This exaggerated reaction or phobias can be incapacitating and prevent the person from experiencing life to the fullest. Often, this is caused by a trauma from the past that continues to rear its ugly head. 

The good news is that powerful hypnotherapy for trauma can successfully allow fears to be conquered, phobias vanquished, and everyday life restored. Read on to learn more about this innovative technique for fear reduction.

What is The Hypnotherapy Process for Conquering Phobias?

Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy that uses hypnosis to reach the subconscious mind through induced relaxation. In this state, the hypnotherapist can root out the cause of the fear (like past trauma, childhood conditioning, or learned response) and make some direct suggestions to the unconscious mind, steering it away from its current focus on the underlying fear.

You can think of this as a reprogramming of the mind, whereby the mind begins to accept new ideas and responses to old feelings of fear. Through the power of suggestion, those old responses can be replaced with feelings of confidence, calmness and, most importantly, control.

Is Hypnotherapy a Safe Alternative?

You can rest assured that hypnotherapy is one of the safest and most effective ways to defeat phobias. The techniques used can get right down to the core of the issue in a way that is not possible with other treatments or therapies. 

And unlike many other treatment options, this method does not use any medications; it is an entirely natural process. Ask your hypnotherapist about some of the success stories of others who have overcome their debilitating fears and lead fulfilled lives, entirely in control of their responses to previously fearful situations, locations, or objects.

If you need help taking control of your life and overcoming fears and phobias that are holding you back from living your life to the fullest, please get in touch with Dr Souglides today. Our hypnotherapy for past trauma will allow you to face the challenges you need to overcome.