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Addiction Treatment Johannesburg

What Is Addiction?

According to Healthline, addiction is a chronic disorder of the neuro system involving motivation, reward, and memory. It’s the way our bodies crave a behaviour or substance, especially if this leads to the obsessive or compulsive pursuit of rewards without regard to the consequences.

There are many theories about what causes addiction. Some argue that it is genetic, while others point to environmental factors, such as a traumatic childhood. It is possible to become addicted to just about anything as long as it helps us avoid uncomfortable or painful feelings or prevents us from being with our ‘self’.

Reach out to me today to start your journey to recovery through hypnotherapy addiction treatment in Johannesburg.

All of us want to live healthy, happy and normal lives, but breaking free from addiction is often very difficult. Addiction treatment in Johannesburg can help you finally get off the treadmill of addiction and get your life back.

When To Seek Help

As time goes on, the addict loses control of their daily lives, which is when it is time to seek addiction counselling. Studies show that the sooner an addict seeks addiction counselling, the more powerful effect that counselling will have.

How We Can Help Fight Addiction With Hypnotherapy?

Nobody makes an active choice to become an addict. Rather, most people dependent on something to cope with life would give anything not to live with their addiction. It is only by understanding what has happened in the past that I can help you resolve the issue effectively, leaving you free of the prison of addiction. Whether it is alcohol and drug dependence or addictions such as sex, pain, stealing, abuse, work, gambling, or pornography, our hypnotherapy addiction treatment can help achieve results.

It has been shown that hypnotherapy addiction treatment can contribute to ending addiction, and people can get a fresh perspective on their addictive behaviour when they are in a relaxed and suggestible state. One can achieve what normally seems impossible – quitting a substance or behaviour that is central to his or her existence. Throughout my career, I have treated addicts of all types, helping them understand what drives their behaviour and supporting them in overcoming it.

Hypnotherapy For Addiction Treatment: What To Expect

A hypnotic trance enables a person to be more open to suggestions from the hypnotist or hypnotherapist. They generally become more passive and compliant, following the advice of the hypnotist or hypnotherapist. People are more likely to look at their addictions from a different perspective when they are in this relaxed, suggestible state. Quitting a habit that is central to one’s identity may seem possible and even desirable.

With Hypnotherapy, You Could Change Your Life

Hypnosis allows you to access the unconscious, which is receptive to new ideas and behaviours, as well as creativity and insight. It helps you achieve your full potential. You can use hypnosis to achieve the feelings, thoughts, and behaviours you desire, whether you’re trying to improve your performance, reduce anxiety, or break bad habits. It can empower you to lead the life that you want.

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