Get to Know Me, Dr John Souglides

John Souglides, Certified Hypnotist In Johannesburg, South Africa

I understand that there is a certain level of nervousness when it comes to allowing someone to get to know you, your fears, hopes and more. It’s personal business, and you want to feel safe and secure through this process.

With hypnotherapy, it’s important to select a hypnotherapist with whom you feel comfortable. Here at Dr John’s Systems & Solutions, I place great emphasis on making sure you always feel welcome, heard, understood, never judged and have your best interests at heart.

My practice is a safe place for you to unwind, speak freely and feel sincerely. Besides my practice culture, you can rest assured that you are being taken care of by a certified professional and specialist with ample experience in the field.

Carrying over 30 years of experience working with individuals, groups and corporations to help them overcome obstacles through my tried-and-tested systems and solutions, you can rest assured that you will be cared for and heard. The most common areas I have helped with include unwanted phobias, habits, depression, fears, and anxiety.

See more about my licenses, certifications and memberships below or book an appointment if you’re ready.

Professional Credentials

Licences & Certifications
As well as having studied with the University of Sedona, I hold four doctorates in the fields of self-development and self-empowerment fields, including:
Memberships & Affiliations
I am a member of several international affiliations and lifetime affiliations, including:

Professional Services

With the use of hypnotherapy and basic practices, you can achieve a balanced lifestyle through positive, healthy changes. I am here to help you achieve these results with time-tested hypnosis systems and solutions.

Individual Services:

As a professional, I am dedicated to providing my clients with bespoke personal hypnotherapy options so that they can experience positive change in their lives.

Corporate Wellness:

Using sessions and workshops, I empower corporate clients to overcome their concerns and tap into their full potential. They can reduce stress, anxiety, phobias, depression, addictions to food, work, substances, and lack of confidence.


Besides transferring knowledge, training also contributes to improving knowledge and skills.

Training / Coaching:

Besides transferring knowledge, training also contributes to improving knowledge and skills.

Team Building/Retreats:

Improving coping skills within the work and home environment, stress release techniques, breath work, neutralising negative triggers and replacing them with positive triggers, learning techniques to achieve health of body-mind.

You Could Change Your Life Through Hypnotherapy

Through hypnosis, the unconscious can be receptive to new ideas and behaviours as well as access resources of creativity and insight. Hypnosis serves to bring out the best in everyone. Hypnosis can help you achieve the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours you desire, whether you are looking to achieve the best performance, reduce anxiety, or break bad habits. With hypnotherapy in Sandton, Johannesburg, you can live the life you’ve always wanted to.

How To Get Started With Dr John’s Systems & Solutions

When reaching out to me, we begin the process with an initial assessment consultation (1 Hour).

During this consultation, we will meet and have a discussion where I get to know more about you, your situation, your goals, wants and needs. Here I will identify your core issues and concerns.

Thereafter, I will provide you with an achievement / success plan. Achievement / success plans are also related to a treatment plan on your specific situation and circumstances, and will vary from individual to individual.

To book your initial assessment, please contact me here or book a consultation now. Please note that the initial consultation is R755.00 (ZAR).

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